The Potential The Potential

We often have too many demands and too-high expectations in comparison to the time and resources we have available.

We are tired, busy and frequently lack the commitment we remember once having.
We eat unhealthy foods, sit more and sleep less. Technology’s gadgets distract us and steal valuable time from a number of the social activities that mean the most to us. We don’t live, work or are ”in the present” to our full potential.

Can you see the potential in rebelling against this lifestyle?

7Peaks knows what is needed

In order to change your lifestyle, you have to change your habits. Better habits can recharge you with plenty of energy, and at 7Peaks we know how that challenge can be tackled. We have been behind positive lifestyle changes for many years, and our primary focus area is the workplace, where habits spread lightning-fast – and are even brought home.

Our products and services have been responsible for positive changes for more than 250,000 employees in more than 38 countries. 7Peaks creates healthy habits for more employees, than any other Danish company.

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At Nestlé, we have tried to go a step further and focus on the employees’ lifestyle in the long run. By helping the employees to develop healthy habits, we believe that we will get healthier, happier and more effective employees, which has great importance for us as a company and the company’s results.

Susanne Wolff, Wellness ManagerNestlé Nordic

7Peaks knows what works

How do we know that we are creating the right habits? Science, and our clients, have stated that clearly.

There are mountains of research documenting the relationship between your daily lifestyle and your long-term health and productivity status.

It is this research, combined with practical experiences, strong communication and digital innovation, on which our products are based.

Set the energy free!

Turn your employees into the best imaginable imaginable version of themselves. Release the healthy potential in your company.

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Digital communication that creates healthy habits

We have designed an easily accessible digital platform that builds good lifestyle habits through personal communication, strong follow-up, positive feedback, training, fun and competitions. The platform can be configured so it matches your company culture – which is critical for achieving the success you seek.

Clients love our platform. They use it every day, which is essential when we want to change habits. The platform is personal, easy to understand and can be accessed from all over the world. It is also part of creating meaningful relationships between you and your colleagues.

Activate your employees!

Report every day78%
Complete the campaign75%

In most interventions, our clients see that job satisfaction among employees increases by a minimum of 40% among those 75% who complete the planned campaign.

The results often exceed expectations

With small daily changes come major lasting changes, both for you and your workplace. Employees have more energy, improved focus and improved ability to take on the most important tasks.

Their job satisfaction increases, and the family at home can enjoy the extra energy that is left after a demanding workday.

Get a healthier and more productive workforce

The company creates a fantastic workplace, where the employees feel respected and valuable, both as individuals and socially. And precisely because the employees involve themselves so deeply in our platform, HR also also gets an opportunity to breathe new life into new or existing initiatives.

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