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7Peaks relies on massive expertise

The method relies primarily on input from experts from Team Danmark and other sports and performance-oriented collaboration partners. In addition, the method has been continuously adapted based on input from official recommendations and experts associated with interventions with specific health care purposes.

Strong Communication

We have not yet launched two similar campaigns. A 7Peaks campaign is launched in unique design with its own communicative angle that matches the culture of the target group. Targeted communication at eye level is one of the most important criteria for success.

Proven Technology

The 7Peaks platform has guided more than 250,000 participants through healthy changes and has over the years been so thoroughly tested so that we can guarantee both stability, functionality and the necessary data security when it comes to sensitive personal data.

Let's Play!

To use game mechanics to promote a specific behavior is not new. But activating these mechanisms without removing the focus from the overall objective, has often proved to be an impossible task. 7Peaks has cracked this challenge and deliver results – every time.

The 7Peaks method from beginning to end



Through close dialog, we develop communication and create commitment in the target group.



The participants are screened digitally or in person and get a personal objective for the campaign.



A personal goal (Index100) ensures that everyone can be involved, regardless of current condition.



Participants collect and report their points online, contributing to their own and the team’s development.



Motivation is maintained throughout the campaign through carefully prepared gamification.



The participant is screened again and receives their result. The campaign is documented 100%.

Our suite of products consists exclusively of healthy and performance-optimizing tools that build good habits and promote your company’s healthy change processes.

Let the 7Peaks method infuse your company with new energy

We respect the individual and make room for everyone

When it comes to improving our overall health, every individual has his or her own motivation and objective.

We therefore need to get to know the employee better, and understand the motivation and challenge at an appropriate level. Only then can we design a targeted campaign that supports the individual all the way through healthy changes.

Imagine this

More Job Satisfaction40%
Energy in daily life60%

Typical participation percentage

You take the first step
7Peaks opens the way for the next ones

7Peaks meets and catches the employee at eye level and heightens the motivation which, if correctly stimulated, often spreads to other areas in the employee’s life. Exercise, diet, sleep, stress, mental robustness and personal relationships – the 7Peaks method supports positive change regardless of which of these circumstances needs to be worked on, in order to guide the employee to an even better version of himself or herself.

7Peaks’s only requirement for participation is daily access to the Internet via a PC/Mac or a smartphone. A challenge that is easy to overcome and facilitate for most companies today.

Daily interaction

The key to building better habits lies in taking small steps every day. The 7Peaks technology and the frameworks we facilitate make it easy and entertaining to be a part of the campaign every day.

The participants visit the portal day after day in order to report their progress and become smarter about their challenges. They form new social relationships with their colleagues, participate in challenges and slowly discover that the path to good results is not nearly as long as they had feared.

How long does a 7Peaks campaign last?

How long does a 7Peaks campaign last?

We typically recommend a duration of between 50 and 100 days if your campaign is defined by physical health check-ups. If your effort bears more the characteristics of an information campaign, the duration can be considerably shorter.

Set the energy free!

Turn your employees into the best imaginable version of themselves.
Release the healthy potential in your company.
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7Peaks is always up to speed

One of the primary reasons participants use the 7Peaks platform so frequently is that the portal can be reached from all over the world via computer or smartphone.

All barriers for participation have been minimized, and the social aspect, in combination with shrewd gamification, ensures that the campaign is in the employees’ consciousness the entire time

What does a 7Peaks campaign cost?

What does a 7Peaks campaign cost?

The price for a complete campaign from 7Peaks depends primarily on duration, number of participants and the form of participant screening you want before and after the campaign. The price is typically stated per participant, and you will have a full opportunity to choose elements for inclusion.

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We adapt our effort to your company culture

We need to become familiar with your organization. Your strategy, objectives, existing measures and current challenges. This ensures that we can tailor a campaign that matches the company 100%.

Regardless of whether your organization is characterized by a great deal of competition or extremely philanthropic, we can adjust and adapt our delivery so it works toward developing your employees and thereby your company.

Your company is most likely already active

Our platform can build on or support, and drive participation to, other elements in your HR program. When the employees participate in the campaign, we can incorporate promotion and activation of all the other elements your HR program offers.

Get up to 50% more out of your company’s existing health check arrangement by supplementing it with a 7Peaks campaign.

Are you ready to lead your employees to the top?



It can be a good idea to put the 7Peaks campaign right after the New Year holiday, towards summer or right after summer.


Once the campaign is launched, 7Peaks is responsible for all daily communication with the participants via e-mails, SMS and newsletters.


The 7Peaks platform can be adjusted so your company can focus on precisely the culture and behavioral change you are seeking.


The 7Peaks platform can be accessed via smartphones or tablets, which ensures that your employees do not necessarily need access to a personal computer.

Financial aspects

Because 7Peaks is 100% digital, the price becomes lower per participant the more people are involved. Savings of up to 50% can be achieved with large campaigns.

Everyone can participate

It is our experience that the 7Peaks method also appeals to employees who normally do not find health initiatives attractive.

Time consumption

It takes on average three minutes a day to report your effort online. Eighty percent of the reporting occurs before 8:30 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m.

Assigning teams

You can use existing groups in the company to advantage by creating teams that compete against each other during the campaign.


You should plan for 4-5 weeks to get a 7Peaks campaign ready from the moment your company notifies us that you want to proceed.