TDC Launched “The Games”

TDC (Danish Telco giant) was the main sponsor of Team Denmark and had access to unique knowledge from physiologists, nutritionists and sports psychologists from Team Denmark.

This knowledge translated into an internal campaign among TDC’s employees focusing on “getting the team ready” for the Olympics. Through four themes; Diet, Exercise, Cooperation and Performance, the employees worked in teams to become the best version of themselves. The employees strongly endorsed the concept.

Charlotte Hoffmeyer, TDC responsible for The Games explains:

“I have never before experienced a project that was met with such interest and perseverance. I think this is because we try to refrain from pointing fingers. Instead, we focus on providing a health platform that lets participants join on their own terms.”

The physical results ultimately exceeded expectations and even physiologists from Team Denmark could not believe their own eyes when the participants met again for the final physical screening.

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