3 out of 5 children and young adults eat and drink too much sugar. More than a third of this sugar comes from sugar-sweetened soft drinks, which are unhealthy in large quantities. This increases the risk of development of obesity and malnutrition, as well as dental acid damage.

Therefore, the Food Administration (Fødevarestyrelsen) and the Health Board (Sundhedsstyrelsen) launched Skwulp.dk with a clear message: “Quench your thirst in water and become the country’s coolest surfer”.

Skwulp.dk was intended to make it attractive and exciting for young people between the ages of 10 and 16 to quench their thirst in water and reduce consumption of soda and other sweet drinks. Skwulp.dk was a surfer universe in which the focal point was the great experiences that can be associated with having a good relationship with water.

The campaign was backed by Ungdomsringen, DIF, DGI, FDF, Dansk Skoleidræt and by the KRAM municipalities.

The young participants were able to “design” their own online surfer universe and invite their friends to “surf along”. Every day throughout the campaign, the youngsters were to report how much water, juice, milk and soft drinks they’d drunk.

The more water you drank and reported, the bolder and wilder waves you got to surf, whereas consumption of too many unhealthy soft drinks led to shark-filled waters or broken surfboards.

In this way, we ‘gamified’ the healthy message into the minds of our audience and experienced a reported reduction of unhealthy soft drinks and increased reporting of water intake – without having to bash anyone or decrease the motivation of any individual.

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