300 employees in Nordea’s call center; “Telefonbanken” were the first “customers” to create an account on (Bank of life) is a perfect example of how a healthy work environment is created by acting in stead of just talking about being healthy.

Instead of talking health, focused on positive savings in our own lives – with very valuable interest rates on the horizon. In addition to individual benefits, the work environment was also an essential ingredient in the campaign. To achieve this, all employees were divided into logical teams that challenged each other to be the team that could save up the most health over the 3-month duration of Livsbanken.

Through Nordea’s Olympic partnership with Team Denmark and DIF, employees gained access to some of the most skilled experts in nutrition, exercise and mental well-being, and thus never stood alone or without answers whenever challenges arose.

The results were fantastic, both individually among the teams and for Telefonbanken as a business entity. More than 80% of employees participated and completed the 90 days of reporting. A whopping 95% would participate again if the campaign was repeated.

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