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With 16,000 participants, 230,000 registered training sessions and just under 100,000 hours of running minutes, B.T.’s Run Your Way to Health became a huge digital running success. 

Run Your Way to Health was developed in close cooperation with the running experts from Danish Sports Academy, and was launched by B.T. through all platforms in Berlingske Media. To B.T., the goal was clear: we want to live up to our aspiration of being Denmark’s healthiest newspaper.

The 7Peaks platform welcomed the participants, and each participant completed an initial digital running test, which facilitated the generation of a unique 10-week running program. The participants organized themselves into teams, and during the initial 3 weeks of submission B.T. managed to create Denmark’s largest running community.

Through the 10 weeks of the campaign, experts as well as editorial content in the B.T. newspaper guided participants through their running practice. Polar launched the “weekly pulse” competition and numerous other commercial partners made attractive offers or contributions to B.T.’s new running universe.

More than 50% of participants completed the campaign by reporting every day, and commercially, the campaign broke even before it began, due to income from participation fees.

Campaign Facts

A total of 15,880 runners participated in Run Your Way to Health – 50% of the participants recorded their running exercise every day for 10 weeks. In total, the equivalent to 1,500 days of easy running, 1,200 days of moderate running, 545 days of hard running and 30 days of extreme racing took place during the campaign. 70% of the total amount of registered running minutes were logged by runners from the Capital and Zealand. 63% of participants were women and the average age was 42 years. Runners represented 37 countries – from Denmark to Argentina, India and Greenland.

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