Købstædernes Forsikring

Købstædernes Forsikring

Close interaction between internal and external values led to increased energy and healthier employees in Købstædernes Forsikring (Danish Insurance company)

Ordinarily, the staff of Købstædernes Forsikring work with the mantra “Give a little more” in mind. However, this mantra typically applies to the service, which the company wishes to offer its insurance customers and partners.

In 2014, Købstederne entered an Olympic partnership with Team Denmark through its commercial company; Sport One Denmark.

In this context, the internal campaign “EnerGive A Bit More” was created with the clear intention that the staff of Købstædernes Forsikring would also benefit from feeling a bit more energetic.

The campaign received tremendous support from the staff throughout the country and after physical health checks, 60 days of online reporting, health challenges and access to Team Denmark experts, the campaign team concluded that a lot of extra energy within Købstædernes Forsikring had indeed been generated.

As one of the employers put it:

It has changed our lives – it was just the extra push I needed to motivate me – and thereby my husband as well. Now, 3 weeks after the end of the program, we still haven’t touched anything unhealthy, and even though I am sometimes tempted, it simply doesn’t seem worth it to waste calories on junk. I also eat a lot more vegetables daily than I ever have before. You could say the campaign has turned our lives around completely, and as previously mentioned, it was the best way for me/us to get motivated. We very much appreciate having participated.

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