The national pedometer campaign “Count Your Steps” became a huge success among Danish companies, as it combined gadgets, health, competition and individual information about one’s actual exercise amount measured against the Board of Health recommendations of about 10,000 steps daily.

Helse (Danish Magazine) gathered more than 50,000 Danes for their Count Your Step challenge over the course of 3 years and caused an over-all increase in physical activity of about 12% in the target group, in terms of number of steps before and after the campaign.

Through the Helse magazine and in close cooperation with the country’s pharmacies, participants were exposed to the campaign message to try and live with a pedometer for three weeks and document their daily number of steps online within self-assigned groups.

Danish companies adopted this initiative, and the competition element proved to be a great motivator for each participant, teams and businesses.

The first edition gathered around 18,000 participants, and 50,000 campaign pedometers were sold. The satisfaction among campaign participants was great during all 3 years and more than 80% rated this campaign a 4 or 5 on a 1-5 scale, on which 5 is the best, and announced at the same time that they would definitely participate again.

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