Dansk Supermarked

Dansk Supermarked

Golden results in a Golden Basket

As an Olympic partner, Dansk Supermarked (Danish Groceries) has access to unique information regarding top performance and winner culture via experts from Team Denmark and the sports commercial coordinator Sport One Denmark. Backed up by this knowledge, store managers from the grocery stores Bilka, Føtex, Netto and the main headquarters challenged each other’s employees in a battle to see which store could gain the largest amount of healthy years of life in 8 weeks.

The campaign enjoyed widespread support among all employees, and the coordinating employees at each location used the campaign to strengthen social capital in their own ranks.

During the 8 weeks of the campaign, healthy years of life were gained through increased exercise, healthier diets and better sleep, smoking, alcohol and snacking habits.

There was great enthusiasm among store managers for the Golden Basket effect on employees’ daily lives. Several people speak of the Golden Basket as a common focal point for a healthy and informal tone at the workplace.

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