Set the energy free!

The foremost task for 7Peaks is to help you and your company in identifying and eliminating the obstacles standing between your employees and their ability to perform optimally. Imagine the  power you can unleash by letting your employees peak every day.

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Intelligent Gamification

Our work is based on validated research in close combination with strong communication and innovative use of technology. Our approach ensures that all employees can participate and become the best version of themselves.

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Healthy Results

The obvious difference between a classic approach to creating healthy changes and the 7Peaks method becomes apparent when the results are tallied. 7Peaks typically creates 60% greater participation and an increased change of up to 50%.

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Years of life gained

We have one mission at 7Peaks

The mission is to guide you, your company and all your employees to a healthy balance and to living with the sensation of peaking every day, 7 days a week – the rest of your life and theirs.

Greater Profits

7Peaks can guide you, your company and your employees to a daily routine with more energy for creating greater profits

Less Absence

The result of a 7Peaks campaign can often be documented by a decline in your company’s absence due to illness.

Social Capital

What will it mean for your company when mood, job satisfaction and social relationships are improved by up to 60%?

Increased Willpower

With a 7Peaks campaign, you train the willpower in your employees. Willpower is the attribute needed to fully reach goals with good results.

Work-Life Balance

7Peaks recognizes that your employees have a life beyond their work. We focus on life’s 24 hours in the day, all 7 days of the week.

Strong CSR

A 7Peaks campaign breathes new vitality in your company’s CSR reporting. More data that are relevant, real behavioral change and documented results.

Our most important partners

Behind every successful launch of a 7Peaks campaign, there are a number of experienced collaboration partners. These partners are in a position to deliver when it comes to providing the professionalism and unique expertise that get our services to match the culture and the current need in your very company.

Is your company ready to release its potential?